Shed Designer

Shed Designer is a tool that allows you to easily create your own customised shed, garage, barn or carport design. Change the dimensions, roof pitch, colours and style of your shed with ease, as well as add and remove elements. You can also adjust each bay size to suit your needs.

When you’ve created a design you love, you can even use Shed Designer to request a quote from Stable Sheds & Garages.

Mobile users should scroll down to read about the free app version of Shed Designer which will work on Android or iOS devices.

Browser plugin required

The version of Shed Designer that appears above requires you to download and install a browser plugin called Unity Web Player. The plugin is compatible with Windows and Mac OSX. At the time of writing (early 2015) the file size of the plugin was 1Mb.

App version also available

If Shed Designer doesn’t work on your computer or mobile device, it’s also available as a FREE app for your smartphone, tablet or computer. The app is provided by Fair Dinkum Sheds. Click the link to go to Fair Dinkum Sheds’ website for more info and to download the app:

  • On desktop computers the link opens in a new tab or new window.
  • Stable Sheds is not responsible for the free software: install at your own risk.
Shed Designer app screenshots

Above: screen shots from the app version of Shed Designer.